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Forex brokers regulation is very important in the forex industry; there are many brokers showing fraud activities here

Forex brokers regulation is very important in the forex industry; there are many brokers showing fraud activities here. But, regulated brokers cant behave like that; they have to maintain regulatory organization rules to operate their services in the market. In this article, we will discuss the Australian forex regulations.

Our investigation tried to find out the best regulatory firm in Australia; there is no multiple regulatory organization available in Australia. The only regulatory firm is ASIC (Australian Securities and Investment Commissions). The Australian government fully authorizes this commission, and they have the power to stop any financial companies services at any time. It is an Independent financial authoritys commission established on 1st July 1998 to protect customers capital from fraud brokers and financial authorities. Previously it was named as Australian Securities Commission, which was established in 1991.

ASC was founded to unify all of the corporate regulators around Australia. However, it was not enough for a Regulatory Firm to also ensure consumer's capital from fraud activities. As a result, ASC firm has been converted to ASIC on 1st July. After converting to the ASIC, they started protecting consumer's capital from financial fraud companies.

The ASIC works in the following financial sectors, including financial services, corporate governance, insurance, consumer protection, financial literacy, and securities and derivatives.

Some rules have been imposed by the regulatory firm ASIC which must follow by ASIC-regulated brokers.

Why regulation is important to provide service in the Australia

No regulated brokers are eligible to provide leverage more than 30:1 while a retail trader trades major currency pairs; for minor currency pairs and major stock market indices, they can't offer more than 20:1 leverage. For Commodities (ex. gold), Minor stock market indices brokers can't provide more than 10:1 for stocks 5:1. For cryptocurrencies, brokers are not eligible to offer leverage more than 2:1.

ASIC is an almighty regulatory firm in Australia, and it's not easy to get a license as a broker in Australia. Brokers must fulfill the license requirements and have to keep a security amount in the Australian treasury. The security amount will be cut off by the ASIC for any fraud or violating the ASIC rules by forex and CFDs brokers.

Overall, ASIC is a very good regulatory organization for brokers and traders in Australia. Traders can join with ASIC-regulated brokers without any doubt, and they will never beat your capital by any fraud activities because of the regulatory firm. Traders can trust the broker who is regulated by ASIC.

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