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The market values billions of dollars. In fact, the two major CFD brokers UK are among the largest in the world

CFD trading is most certainly booming in the United Kingdom. The market values billions of dollars. In fact, the two major CFD brokers UK are among the largest in the world.

A look at these companies can help us appreciate the scope of the business they do and the scope of the industry. Among CFD brokers UK, IG Markets is ranked number one. This is not for the first time this company has been ranked in this spot, however.

Past of IG Markets as a CFD Broker

They have also been ranked best for things such as customer satisfaction and received other forms of market leader recognition. IG Markets claim to be the preferred CFD brokers UK because of providing lower margins and rates, reliable tools, and support to their clients.

Service for clients

They offer things such as guaranteed stops which allow a client to indicate the maximum he or she can lose. Things like this build client confidence. Due to their large scope, clients can trade globally and have many more options available to them. Similarly, CMC Markets is seen as an innovator in the investment market.

Education and tools support

They were the first to bring foreign exchange trading to the online market. They are also known for their useful tools and client education efforts. Although being among CFD brokers UK, they have also won awards in countries such as Australia.

Management strategy

They claim to provide risk management and regulatory management that exceed minimum legal requirements. Consumer confidence, for the reasons above, is high in this company. We can see that one of the key factors that both top tier companies share is that of client trust.

Why you should choose IG Markets CFD Brokers in UK

They may have won this trust for different reasons but the point is that in order to be successful as CFD brokers UK, clients must trust that their money is safe with you. Taking steps to enact some of the best practices of these companies may do the same for you.

Even smaller companies with a good reputation can grow to be successful CFD brokers in the UK. It is certainly a must in order to remain competitive given the kind of market and in order to stand out and be noticed.

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