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All currencies on the forex market are traded in pairs, wherein the first currency is called the base currency,

All currencies on the forex market are traded in pairs, wherein the first currency is called the base currency, and the second is known as the counter or quote. All quotes on the forex market are stated in terms of the base currency.

A Concise History of Forex

In its most fundamental sense, the forex market has been around for quite a long time. Individuals have consistently traded or bargained goods and currencies to buy labor and products. Notwithstanding, the forex market, as we comprehend it today, is a generally present-day innovation.

What is the forex market?

The forex market is by a long shot the biggest and most fluid currency market on the planet, with an expected normal worldwide day by day turnover of more than US$6.5 trillion — which has ascended from $5 trillion only a couple of years prior.

The forex market is available to purchase and sell monetary forms 24 hours every day, five days a week and is utilized by banks, organizations, venture companies, flexible investments and retail brokers.

The two components of a currency quote are:

  1. The Bid price or the selling price of a currency
  2. The Ask price or the price at which the currency is bought.

How to Forex Trade

Basic Strategies Forex trade transactions are extremely vulnerable to economic, political, and social events. Consequently, trading on the forex is highly risky. While there is no definitive strategy to minimize your risk, the following techniques help curtail losses and maximize profits to some extent:


This is the most appropriate form of forex trading for day traders. Scalping entails trading in small timeframes, helping to make smaller profits, which get accumulated to a sizeable status over time. Remember, the risk in forex is directly related to the duration for which your funds are exposed to the market. Therefore, the shorter the duration, the lower is the risk.


This involves taking both sides of a trade simultaneously by initiating a short term and a long-term position on the same currency pair. Some experienced traders use two currency pairs to make one hedge. However, this may become very complicated to track.

Additionally, a forex trader can set up a stop order on his investment Stop orders require you to define a price below the current market price. When the market price reaches the stop level price, the currency is sold immediately. This helps to create a cushion against losses and to maximize profitability.

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