Types of forex scams in forex trading
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Types of forex scams in forex trading

Types of forex scams in forex trading

What is forex scam?

Forex scams are a big problem in the world of trading. Forex fraud is any scheme that convinces traders to believe they can make large profits by trading Forex. Michael Dunn, the commissioner for the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission, estimates more than 20 types of forex fraud reported between 2007 and 2008 alone! This article will discuss what types of forex scams exist and what you can do to avoid them.

Old scams

A broker will make a difference in what they charge for back-and-forth transactions. The commission is the difference between the bid and the asking price of trading.It can be 2-3 points, but other brokers might go for seven pips or more. If you invest, your gains are eaten away by commissions that go into the broker's pocket.

Today, it is rare to find a broker who says he doesn't take a commission. You shouldn't be fooled by what is your broker said. There is a good way to earn money by brokers, they can earn money from the difference in the spread, this is fair and regulated worldwide. However, there are still Forex brokers that the CFTC or NFA doesn't regulate.


Commingling in forex trading refers to the practice of a broker or other financial institution in which an investor trades Forex. That same broker is also responsible for holding, maintaining, or handling their money.

If you trade on the Forex, be careful and use your eyes. If a broker won't let you get money out of your account, or if something is wrong with the trading station, check it out. If they offer high-performance guarantees that are higher than other brokers, be careful and don't trust them.

EA-Robot Scams

Brokers need to keep making money, so they come up with new scams. Nowadays, most brokers are scamming with traders based on the trading systems. Brokers are selling EA-Robots which are also known as Expert Advisors, traders are also buying EAs for trading. Fraud brokers are scamming through these trading systems. Unfortunately, most of the EAs are not been checked by popular experienced traders and formal review. In that case, almost all traders are losing their money; even experienced traders are also suffering sometimes.You have to be more careful when you are buying Expert Advisors from somewhere.

Some Forex brokers promise a lot and do not deliver. They make people think that it's only gambling, which is not true. It's just like trading stocks or other things where you have to think about the future.

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