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The way to calculate a dual currency swap is quite complicated and it requires a fair understanding of interest rates

Dual currency swaps

A dual currency swaps is a type of non-deliverable forward where two different currencies are used to determine the exchange rate. A dual currency swap allows two different entities to lock in an exchange rate for future trading without actually exchanging any funds. The parties agree on one currency in present value terms which is then swapped for another at some point in the future.

How do Dual currency swaps work?

A dual currency swap has two different currencies. The first payment is determined by taking a series of forward rates and multiplying it with the present value of one unit of the base currency over another base currency, and vice versa. Henceforth, each party will receive one forward rate multiplied by the present value of the other currency in a series.

The way to calculate a dual currency swap is quite complicated and it requires a fair understanding of interest rates, foreign exchanges, and mathematics in general. In addition, there are many financial institutions that allow traders to engage in this type of transaction without taking into account any calculations by themselves.

Why use Dual currency swaps?

Dual currency swaps are used to reduce risk on foreign trade by both entities. By using the dual currency swap, they engage in trading activity simultaneously without exchanging any of their currencies. Although this is allowed, it's not really recommended as there are many downsides to doing this. For instance, each party must use a different currency in order to ensure that they comply with regulatory agencies and also that they don't engage in any money laundering activities.

How do we use Dual currency swaps in Forex trading?

In forex trading, dual currency swaps can be used in many ways for traders, especially when it comes to news releases and general trading. For instance, a trader can combine the dual currency swap with news events which will allow them to profit from both the market moving higher and lower depending on how they use their specific trading strategy. In addition to this, traders also tend to make a benefit when using a combination of various financial instruments such as pairs and dual currency swaps in order to determine the price action of the market.

Where can I find Dual currency swaps in Forex trading?

Dual currency swaps are considered to be instruments that are part of non-deliverable forward contracts. Due to this, it is important for traders to deal with brokers who offer this type of product due to their knowledge and experience open to the market when it comes to trading with these financial instruments. There are various brokers out there who allow traders to open a trading account and use the dual currency swaps for their own benefit.

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