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Explore and compare all major Forex trading brokers

Find comprehensive information on all forex trading brokers, including reviews, ratings, and comparisons to help you choose the best broker for your trading needs.

List of all top Forex trading brokers in the market

Broker Broker Type Min. Spreads Min. Deposit Min. Position Max. Leverage Apply
Oinvest STP/ECN 0.7 Pips 250 0.01 1:500 Apply
AMEGA ECN/STP 0.1 pips 0 0.01 1:1000 Apply
OlympTrade STP/ECN 0.3 Pips 10 0.01 1:400 Apply
OctaFX ECN/STP 0.0 pips 5 0.01 1:500 Apply
FXPRIMUS ECN/STP 0.0 Pips 100 0.01 500:1 Apply
European Brokerage House ECN/STP 0.1 100 0.01 1:200 Apply
City Credit Capital MM / STP 3 Pips $500 0.1 1:200 Apply
easyMarkets Market Maker 0.3 Pips 100 0.01 1.400 Apply
ATFX ECN/STP By Region 100 0.01 1:400 Apply
ATS Markets MM/ DMA/STP 1 Pips 100 0.01 1:500 Apply
EXO GROUP LIMITED STP, NND 07 100 0.01 1:200 Apply
FormulaFX STP, ECN 0.5 100 0.01 1:300 Apply
FreshForex STP 0.0 Pips 1 0.01 1:1000 Apply
Bulls Capital Markets ECN, STP 0.6 50 0.01 1:1000 Apply
OzoneForex STP, ECN 0.0 1 0.01 999:1 Apply

Frequetly Asked Question (FAQ)

How can a forex broker assist in maximizing investment returns?
Discover how a reliable forex broker can help you maximize your investment returns. Benefit from their expertise, advanced trading tools, and personalized guidance to make informed decisions in the volatile forex market. Start maximizing your returns today with a trusted forex broker by your side.
What are the advantages of trading with regulated forex brokers?
Discover the benefits of trading with regulated forex brokers. Ensure the safety of your funds, enjoy transparent and fair trading conditions, access a wide range of financial instruments, receive professional customer support, and have peace of mind knowing that your trades are conducted in a regulated and secure environment. Explore the advantages today!
What types of trading platforms do forex brokers offer?
Discover the variety of trading platforms offered by forex brokers. From intuitive user interfaces to advanced charting tools, find the perfect platform to suit your trading style. Start trading with confidence and explore the diverse range of options available in the forex market.
What educational resources and tools do forex brokers provide to traders?
Discover the comprehensive educational resources and tools offered by top forex brokers. Enhance your trading skills with expert tutorials, webinars, market analysis, and exclusive trading strategies. Stay ahead of the game with cutting-edge tools and resources tailored to empower traders at every level. Start maximizing your trading potential today!
How can a forex broker cater to the needs of both beginner and experienced traders?
Discover how our forex broker caters to the needs of both beginner and experienced traders. With a comprehensive range of educational resources, intuitive trading platforms, and personalized support, we make it easy for beginners to learn the ropes and for experienced traders to take their strategies to the next level. Start your trading journey with us today!
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