Super Lottery Chance to free win one or even several cash prizes
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Super Lottery Chance to free win one or even several cash prizes

Super Lottery Chance to free win one or even several cash prizes

NordFX has launched a contest campaign with a total prize pool of $100,000. The total number of prizes is 200 and the remaining 2 prizes are worth $10,000. Prizes will be distributed over 3 games on July 4th, October 6th and January 4th. Please follow their rules before shopping and entering contests. You just need to open an account and enter the contest.

Connecting to Link: Give Away 100,000 USD In Super Lottery

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Achievable for: All New Traders

Promotion Period: Unlimited Time

Promotion Type: Lottery Campaign

How to Achieve the new campaign?

  • Open a Pro Account on NordFX
  • Deposit Money to trade on
  • Start Trading
  • Participate on Contest
  • Get Prizes

The prize funds can be used by the lottery winner in trading or be withdrawn from the account at any time and without any restrictions.

Replenishment 200 USD + trading turnover 2 lots = 1 lottery ticket.

The number of lottery tickets for one participant is not limited.

The more tickets you have, the higher the probability of winning!

All clients (hereinafter Participants) of the brokerage company NordFX (hereinafter referred to as the Organizer) automatically take part in the lottery, who: already have a valid account; or opened a new trading Pro account during the lottery period (see clause 3.1.) and have fulfilled each of the conditions specified in cl. 1.1.1. and 1.1.2 at least once:

The Participant must replenish this account in the amount of at least 200 USD (two hundred US dollars) during the lottery period.

After replenishing the account, the Participant must make a trading turnover on it with a volume of at least 2 (two) lots in Forex currency pairs, or 2 (two) lots in gold, or 4 (four) lots in silver.

Only trading operations opened after the account replenishment and closed during the lottery period are taken into account.

Only trading operations made with Forex currency pairs, gold and silver are taken into account.

Transfer of funds from other accounts of the Participant opened with the Organizer is not considered to be an account replenishment (see clause 1.1.2.). Replenishment through local depositors is allowed.

For each fulfilment of the conditions specified in clauses 1.1.1. and 1.1.2., the Participant receives 1 (one) virtual lottery ticket with the original number, which will participate in the prize drawing.

If these conditions are met twice, the Participant, respectively, receives 2 lottery tickets, etc.

The promotion is published here only for an informative purpose, THIS IS NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE!
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