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Promotion: 50% Trading Bonus up to $100
Regulated By: Regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission. AFSL Number 337985
Headquarters: Level 27, 25 Bligh Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Foundation Year: 2014

Trading Info

Min. Deposit No minimum deposit
Max Leverage 1:500
Min. Spreads Raw Spread Variable From 0.0 PIPS
Mobile Trading Yes
Web Trading Yes
News Trading Yes
Headging Scalping: Yes
Trade Platform MT4 for PC, MT4 for Mac, MT4 for iOS, MT4 for Android, MT4 WebTrader, MT5 for PC, MT5 for Mac, MT5 for iOS, MT5 for Android, MT5 WebTrader

FXTRADING Broker Review

Accounting Info

Swap Free Acc Yes
Acc Funding Methods Bank wire, Debit/Credit card, Advcash, Perfect Money, Binance, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin Tether, Skrill, Neteller, Sofort and More
Acc Withdrawal Methods Bank Wire Transfer, PayPal, Neteller, Visa/MasterCard, UnionPay, Poli and More
Vip Accounts Yes
Mini Accounts Yes
Segregated Acc Yes
Free Demo Acc Yes
Managed Accounts Yes
Islamic Accounts Yes

Contact Info

Broker Name: FXTRADING
Country: Australia
Base Currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD, HKD, JPY, NZD, SGD
Languages: English
News Trading: Yes

Broker Info

FXTRADING.com, formerly known as Rubix FX, was founded in 2014 in Sydney, Australia. Our company is a multi-asset class online brokerage, established by a group of professionals with extensive financial market experience. These professionals bring valuable experience in risk management, compliance, technology and service. The core values of FXTRADING are integrity, transparency, diligence and innovation.

At FXTRADING.com, we are inspired to think differently, yet also choose to unite and share the same vision because of a deep-held belief about what is most important to clients. This letter is meant to share with you our deeply held beliefs that, to do the best for clients, we must innovate and invest in technology, collaborate and share, even if doing so requires us to embrace uncertainty. In doing so, we endeavor to create a cutting edge and trustworthy trading environment, with competitive pricing and product diversity.

In the forex world, forex regulation has never been an easy topic. And this continues to be the case, with so many offshore jurisdictions opening-up to brokers whilst new regulations in Australia and Europe push forex brokers away.

From our perspective, forex regulation is meant to discourage fraudulent schemes that harm clients/investors. Yet even some regulated forex brokers constantly churn out fraudulent schemes that harm clients/investors on a large scale. Moreover, they do so with almost perfect immunity from prosecution thanks to the very same laws that make it easy for the fraudulent schemes to grow so big in the first place.

A regulatory system which “rewards” large fraudulent schemes and enriches the people who know how to perpetrate them is neither effective nor a sensible basis for growth and prosperity within the industry.

Taking the changes in Vanuatu for example, the prevalence of offshore jurisdictions are a direct reflection of the growing regulatory scrutiny that the retail trading industry faces across the world. But the real question is “Should regulators be accountable for everything?”

At FXTRADING.com, whilst we cater to clients across several jurisdictions, we have maintained the same regulatory standards across the board. This self-scrutiny is embedded within our DNA, encouraging us to continuously deliver the highest standards in terms of compliance and monetary security to our clients. And we do this because we believe that reputational and moral risks would be more harmful to our organization if short-sighted business driven results were implemented. Believe it or not, things can go terribly wrong in the financial industry. Yet the “big guys” are never the “real victims” whilst our long-term vision with self-scrutiny plays a more important role than the regulatory standard itself.

FXTRADING.com is built by traders with a deep understand of what stress, frustration and hardship one can experience before building a successful mindset. At FXTRADING.com, we believe that trading is a process of continual learning, so learning and experience should go hand in hand. To put it another way, traders can learn from all prior trades, regardless of whether it is a winner or a loser. Whilst one cannot control the individual outcome of a trade, we can control how they respond to them, such as reviewing and learning from those trades and gaining experience in doing so.

Therefore, we strive to help traders learn from their past trades by providing our clients with analytical tools, stats and feedback of their statistically measured performance. All of which are extremely critical to a trader’s success.

Here at FXTRADING.com, we have invested into many areas which we believe help traders to quickly progress and feel encouraged to learn from their trading experience. We are also committed to continuously putting our thoughts into practice to assist trading performance. For example, we are in the process of building an advanced trading evaluation methodology which measures a trader’s performance from multiple angles. We can also provide solution-based feedback, based on historical trading pattern analysis.

At FXTRADING.com, we also understand that informative traders are highly reliant upon the source and speed of their news and information. Therefore, we have integrated the majority of reputable research and media channels in order to provide our traders with the latest quality information for their research and trading. Needless to say, traders at FXTRADING.com have come from a variety of backgrounds who display a vast array of styles and techniques unique to each individual. However, as the markets are quantitative in nature, it could be beneficial to pursue a deeper understanding of the markets if one wishes to make a career out of trading. With that said, it is important that a tailored course of education and methodologies are offered to optimize a trader’s learning process and create a unique experience for aspiring traders. With a library of over hundreds of videos and E-books at FXTRADING.com, covering trading setups, trading systems and trading psychology, we believe that traders at FXTRADING.com can gain the confidence they need to start trading through our tailored learning environment.

Some helpful and advanced trading tools are also available at FXTRADING.com for the trader’s benefit. For example, we provide access to Autochartist, an automated trading pattern recognition tool which helps traders find tradeable opportunities without having to manually analyze the markets. Furthermore, the market sentiment tool provides a holistic view of investor sentiment across financial markets. Furthermore, additional smart trading tools such as correlating alerts, volatility analysis and “trade of the day” reports are also aimed at helping traders greatly improve their chances of trading successes.

At FXTRADING.com, we will be continuously developing new products and providing new services to markets. And we have the potential to grow our products and services quickly, as we appreciate the need to optimize our client’s trading experience and remain committed to building a transparent and trustworthy trading environment.

Everything that FXTRADING.com does from this point going forward will be done with dedication. We will practice what we preach, providing full disclosure and transparency into every conceivable detail of our organization, in order to best serve your needs.

Thank you for your continued trust and support. Creating market leading technologies, with a competitive and transparent trading environment, with high standards and self-scrutiny to add substantial value to the global forex industry, is our passion and purpose.

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